Indian poultry industry appeals to government for damaged grains

National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) has stated that thousands of small and marginal farmers and breeders have shut down poultry businesses or suspended or scaled down their operations because of heavy losses. “Unable to withstand such continuous losses, thousands of small and marginal farmers and even breeders have already shut down or suspended or scaled […]

Finding fishmeal substitutes for aquaculture feed becoming a priority in Japan

Researchers in Japan are investigating alternative sources for aquaculture feed as the country’s growing aquaculture sector hits the limits of the country’s traditional supply of aquafeed. The main materials for aquaculture feed – fishmeal and fish oil – remain a limited resource. Despite increased substitution of other ingredients in feed, like soy proteins, poultry byproducts, […]

Falling soybean demand from China impact on global trade

Demand for soybeans from China — the world’s biggest importer of soybeans — is forecast to fall 3.5%-6.1% year on year in 2022 due to lower demand from the downstream feed sector, a survey of market participants at more than 10 major trader, crusher and broker companies by S&P Global Commodity Insights found April 21. […]

Higher maize prices result in increased export demand of Indian broken rice

With maize (corn) prices soaring on demand from West, South and South-East Asia, buyers abroad are switching over to 100% broken rice for animal feed in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and China. “There is a huge demand for maize from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia besides the Gulf. But prices have surged and availability is low […]

SOPA urges government not to allow import of GM soyabean meal

Indore-based Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA) recently urged the Centre government not to allow the import of genetically modified (GM) soyabean meal claiming that it will adversely impact the local processors and farmers since the country does not allow cultivation of GM food crops. “We understand that the poultry industry has once again requested […]

Nation’ first dairy community radio to be inaugurated by Prime Minister

Dairy farmers in Gujarat will get a voice, quite literally, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates a community radio station (CRS) — Dudh Vani — dedicated to animal husbandry on Tuesday during his Gujarat tour. Set up by the Banaskantha District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union or Banas Dairy, the Banas Dairy Community Radio station will […]

Bangladesh expected to export hilsa to India

Continuing its ‘hilsa diplomacy’, Bangladesh is likely to export the prized silver fish to India during this year’s Durga Puja as well. Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi told PTI that his country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a special exemption for India in the last couple of years from the blanket export ban on hilsa […]

Ensuring sustainability for Indian dairy farming

Sustainability is progressively becoming a specific requirement for food production, processing, and marketing. Internationally and nationally, consumers, society, food retailers, and food companies want to know from the global dairy industry: how sustainable is your milk produced? Defining sustainability When we say “sustainability”, we often immediately jump to the environmental piece of the puzzle. The […]

Black soldier fly farming gaining ground in South Africa

Back soldier fly farming is a type of farming in which larvae from black soldier flies is used to convert food waste into nutritious animal feed, and it is more beneficial than creepy. Larvae from black soldier flies can be used as alternative animal feed, as opposed to resorting to traditional animal feed which can […]