National Dairy Development Board Launches ‘NDDB Mrida Ltd’ for Manure Management

On the occasion, Rupala said NDDB Mrida Ltd will open avenues of additional income to dairy farmers from sale of slurry/dung. The savings to the farmers by virtue of replacement of cooking fuel with biogas. Efforts are being made for better utilization of bovine dung but most are individual initiatives. Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of […]

Innovative quality feeding solutions: Need of the hour for dairy farming

The Centre, States and other institutions must join hands to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the fodder sector The recent crisis of dry fodder has attracted considerable national attention over the last few months. Reportedly, the two major reasons are: (1) farmers opted for mustard crop in place of wheat in northern Indian plains and […]

Imports of genetically modified soymeal can be a solution?

The shipments need to be imported before September 30, according to the government order India has allowed imports of an extra 550000 tonnes of genetically modified (GM) soymeal, according to a government order seen by Reuters, to help the poultry industry reeling from a surge in local prices of the important animal feed. The shipments […]

Fodder shortage in North India: Another issue for dairy farmers

Wheat straw is being sold at Rs 1100-1700per quintal; it was being sold at Rs 400-600 per quintal last year. Farmers across north Indian states are facing a shortage of dry fodder due to the wheat crisis, which in turn, has been primarily fueled by an unusually hot March, according to farmers, agricultural scientists and […]

Increased cotton seed prices add to the woes of dairy farmers

The dairy farmers of Tirupur are affected after the increased price of cotton seeds led to an increase in the price of cattle feed. Cotton seeds are a vital part of the cattle feed and are rich in protein and fiber. The price of cotton seeds has gone up from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 […]

Creating demand for US DDGS in Southeast Asia

The U.S. Grains Council set an ambitious goal in early 2020 to create 1.1 million metric tons of new demand for U.S. distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) in Southeast Asia by targeting the aquaculture feed industry. Through a series of research projects with both public and private partners, the results are flowing in and […]

Malaysian government invests in alternative feed processing

An animal feed processing plant based on alternative sources of palm kernel waste worth RM20 million will operate in Bukit Kor near Marang by the end of the year. State Agriculture, Food Industry, Plantation, Commodity and Rural Development Committee Chairman Dr Azman Ibrahim said the plant which was set up with investment by a joint […]

Expert tips on heat stress management in layers

Farmers bear more losses in summers and managing heat stress in poultry is not an easy task. For this issue, Think Grain Think Feed and Dr Jeetendra Verma connected with two leading personalities of the layer industry – Dr D. Chandrasekaran and Madan Mohan Maity to get some management tips and discuss other related topics. […]

Heat stress in modern poultry Production: The molecular perspective

Summary of the problem Heat stress is one of the biggest challenges the poultry industry is faced with in the tropical and even subtropical areas to get the advantages of the genetic advancements made in the recent past. While developing the modern breeds the selection pressure has been put on body weight and feed conversion […]