Imports of genetically modified soymeal can be a solution?

The shipments need to be imported before September 30, according to the government order India has allowed imports of an extra 550000 tonnes of genetically modified (GM) soymeal, according to a government order seen by Reuters, to help the poultry industry reeling from a surge in local prices of the important animal feed. The shipments […]

Expert tips on heat stress management in layers

Farmers bear more losses in summers and managing heat stress in poultry is not an easy task. For this issue, Think Grain Think Feed and Dr Jeetendra Verma connected with two leading personalities of the layer industry – Dr D. Chandrasekaran and Madan Mohan Maity to get some management tips and discuss other related topics. […]

Heat stress in modern poultry Production: The molecular perspective

Summary of the problem Heat stress is one of the biggest challenges the poultry industry is faced with in the tropical and even subtropical areas to get the advantages of the genetic advancements made in the recent past. While developing the modern breeds the selection pressure has been put on body weight and feed conversion […]

Winter management in poultry farming

Poultry rearing is an art as well as a science and management plays most crucial role in deciding profitability of this business. It has been observed in past several years that high market rates of broiler meat & eggs are observed only in those times when rearing is very difficult due to harsh climate and […]


INTRODUCTION In food animals, antibiotics are used mainly for two purposes: treatment and growth promotion. For enhancing growth and productivity, antibiotics have been used by poultry producers either in-feed application or in-farm medication since a long time. Constant use of antibiotics can possibly lead to the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria which is a […]

Improved Profitability with More Saleable Eggs

Importance of Eggs: Eggs are an amazing self-contained food source. Each one represents the most complete source of protein available in a single form. That’s why it is so important to meet the needs of a growing population by consistently providing eggs that are of the highest quality, both internally and externally. The eggshell quality […]