India’s Mycotoxin Challenge: Key Insights

The dsm-firmenich mycotoxin survey is the longest-running and most comprehensive data set concerning the prevalence of mycotoxins. Starting from 2004, this survey helps to understand the annual variations in mycotoxin occurrence across various regions in the world. The increasing sample size over the years provides in-depth insights into the incidence of the six major mycotoxins, […]

Raising broiler chickens in an antibiotic free era – the practicality

Introduction The benefits of antibiotics used as growth promoters(AGPs) were discovered during the 1940’s and have largely contributed to the rapid expansion of the poultry industry worldwide. The benefits of using antibiotic growth promoters include lower production cost leading to lower market prices and a more plentiful supply of food commodities. The AGPs function by modifying […]

Expert tips on heat stress management in layers

Farmers bear more losses in summers and managing heat stress in poultry is not an easy task. For this issue, Think Grain Think Feed and Dr Jeetendra Verma connected with two leading personalities of the layer industry – Dr D. Chandrasekaran and Madan Mohan Maity to get some management tips and discuss other related topics. […]

Heat stress in modern poultry Production: The molecular perspective

Summary of the problem Heat stress is one of the biggest challenges the poultry industry is faced with in the tropical and even subtropical areas to get the advantages of the genetic advancements made in the recent past. While developing the modern breeds the selection pressure has been put on body weight and feed conversion […]

Ensuring sustainability for Indian dairy farming

Sustainability is progressively becoming a specific requirement for food production, processing, and marketing. Internationally and nationally, consumers, society, food retailers, and food companies want to know from the global dairy industry: how sustainable is your milk produced? Defining sustainability When we say “sustainability”, we often immediately jump to the environmental piece of the puzzle. The […]

Efficient use of Alternative Raw Materials for Improving Poultry Production

The demand for animal protein has been consistently growing despite several supply chain disruptions globally. Consumers are showing increased preference towards protein food associated with wellness, health, and immunity. All factors are contributing to higher demand for animal feed, however historic volatility in the pricing of several raw materials in the last 12 months has […]

Securing the first position- Sheer blend of minerals having an edge in poultry feed

Introduction Trace minerals like Zn, Mn, Cu, Se, Fe, Cretc. though are required in a very minimal quantity yet are indispensable for birds’ growth and performance. They act as cofactors for various enzymatic and biochemical reactions, development of immune system, tissue and bone development, cellular integration, protection against oxidative stress are among the few imperative […]

FEED FOR THOUGHT – Safety Based & Future Focused

Rapidly growing populations, along with increased urbanization and income, is expected to rise the consumption of animal products by 70% in 2050. The increase in animal production will require an additional amount of feed to be produced. The challenge is not only to meet the growing demand for feed but also to ensure its safety. […]

Enhancing Protein Digestion

One of the most significant ways of enhancing nutrient digestibility is the use of enzymes. In most practical diets for poultry, the three most expensive nutrients are: energy, protein, and phosphorus. Although we have managed to procure successful commercial enzymes that enhance the efficiency with which birds derive energy and phosphorus from their feed, the […]

Art of Space Management for Feed Mills

It is a time of more challenges than advantages. Several ripple effects were felt through the feed industry, causing massive supply chain disruptions – the stockpiling, shortage of essential feed ingredients, and reductions in the workforce to name a few. All over India and around the world, the industry is grappling with transportation and logistical […]